Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm a Citizen of Procrasti-Nation

Monday was the perfect day for me to write. My hubby is at work all day. My daughter took a five hour nap. That’s right – five hours (I had to peek in at her several times since she NEVER sleeps that long). So I could’ve written a couple chapters…right?


Instead, I procrastinated…I surfed blogs, ate chocolate covered almonds, and perused news articles. I read and took a nice nap. But I did not write one word.

I’m asking myself why.

Did I just need a break from writing? Probably not.

Was I out of practice, since my writing hours have been severely cut since going back to work? Probably.

Was I forcing my characters to do something they wouldn’t do, so they decided to give me the silent treatment? Hmmm…gotta think more about that.

Whatever the reason, it was a lost day. I’ve just gotta shake off that writing funk and move on.

Why do you procrastinate writing?


Danyelle said...


We all fall off the writing wagon every now and then--it's what we're famous for: procrastination. :p

Jody Hedlund said...

I think we all go through various phases with our writing. Sometimes we are steady and plug away. Other times we need to step off for a break. And then there are times when we're running forward at full speed. We can't do any one of those forever. We need the variety to keep our writing healthy and fresh! So, I wouldn't worry about the rest unless you stay there too long!

Jennifer Shirk said...

A 5 hour nap?! Wow!

Hey, sometimes we need to just "vege". :)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

We've all experienced the Funk. There just arent enough hours in the day. :(

Jamie D. said...

That happened to me all week last week! :-) I do find that the more time I have to write, the less I actually write. The tighter my schedule is, the more I get done. Very weird.

Here's to much writing for you today!

Tess said...

Love the title of this post..it made me laugh :D

"I am therefore I procrastinate."

Isn't that how it goes??? Some days are better than others and we just have to go with our creative muse, I think. No guilt allowed.

beth said...

Eh, no worries! Sometimes the best ideas for books come when we're procrastinating...er... least expecting it.

Sarah Jensen said...

And I was so busy I couldn't even call. Blah.
Oh well, like you said, shake it off and all will be well. And I bet you just needed a break. Sometimes we do, especially as busy as you've been lately.

Eden said...

this happens to me more often than not..
so frustrating!
here's hoping it was an isolated incident...