Thursday, June 18, 2009

Illusions Mini Excerpt

“Hmph. Why do all the girls wear skirts so short their tooshies hang out? It’s so gross. Look - this page alone I see three micro-minis.” Kate turned the glossy page in protest.

“Boy, you're such a scary spy. I mean really…tooshies? Maybe you should retake your anatomy classes.”

“Fine. This skirt lets the girl’s Gluteus Maximus hang out. Better? Besides, I got a solid A in Anatomy 311, thank you very much.” Kate deliberately bit off a chunk of Twizzler.

“Yeah, gotta really know your body parts to kick some serious Gluteus Maximus, eh?” Tina laughed so hard she fell, sprawling, off the bed.


Danyelle said...


*virtuously does not mention that she was that girl. The one that is anatomically correct. ;-)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Hmm now I want a twizzler. :)I agree, cover up the tushies ladies.

Sarah Jensen said...

LOL. I love Kate and Tina!
Now write book two. Heehee.
Er, sometime, not sure when.

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