Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've started thinking about Nanowrimo.

I didn't participate last year and I'm seriously thinking about doing it this year. I've started thinking about the characters I want to write about. Deciding on names and vocations, strengths and flaws. I'm getting more and more excited as it gets closer. And more and more scared at the daunting challenge of it.

Are you going to participate in Nanowrimo? What are you doing to prepare?


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to participate but I'd encourage you to do it! If I wasn't in the middle of revisions for two novels I'd do it.

I wrote a first draft of novel in six weeks, about 60,000 words. At the time I didn't know about Nanowrimo but it was a Nanowrimo experience. To prepare for that I wrote a few pages of backstory on the major characters.
Good luck!

Liana Brooks said...

I'm doing a whole series of blog posts about NaNo. :o)

I've also started outlining and world-building. I want major city names, maps, buildings, and architecture worked out before I start. And since it's a UF I need races defined too. If I have all the groundwork done I can start Nov 1 and just write the story rather than trying to write and create the new universe I'm playing in.

Natalie said...

I am going to try this year. I haven't done much to prepare yet, but I'm going to try to outline a little (even though I'm not much of an outliner usually).

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

I'm going to participate too, with the goal of rewriting my partially finished WIP with an entirely new plot.
I'm thinking, though, that I might sign up for the kids' nano, because then I can set my word goal at a level appropriate for a middle grade novel. My book won't be close to 50K.

Anonymous said...

I got to be honest, I don't think I am. A lot of people love doing it though, so if you got an outline with stuff I'd say go for it! It's a good habit to write everyday and meet your goals, plsu all the support is there too!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Yup. I'm jumping on the crazy train. My name is FireHeart if you decide to cave an join. As far as preparing, I'm daydreaming at work. Organized chaos is the highest form of order. ;)

Danyelle said...


Yes, I'm participating this year. I'm a hipster, so just writing 6 days a week is about all I'm doing. :D

jdcoughlin said...

I'm not, but I love what Karen said, calling it a crazy train. I think the pace is a bit much for anyone but a full-time writer, but I am seriously thinking of doing my all time kick butt writing this month. I mean, with Christmas around the corner life is only going to get busier. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Faith said...

I'm participating for the third year, and it's my first year as ML. So... lots going on!

My story isn't quite ready to be written, but I'm working on it. Tonight for date night, hubby and I are heading out to a coffee shop so I can bounce ideas off him and try to solve some plot issues. Hopefully that helps!

It's going to be a challenging November, that's for sure. But I look forward to it :)

Faith @ Literary Coldcuts on Toasty Buns

prashant said...

I wrote a few pages of backstory on the major characters.
Good luck!
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