Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello World!

I took a break from blogging. I know - you may have noticed since it was well over a month since I posted anything substantial.

There were several reasons for the hiatus.
  1. I tiled my kitchen, dining room, and guest bathroom. (Okay - I did not tile it all myself, but I most definitely grouted)
  2. My team at work doubled in size.
  3. Season premieres of my favorite shows - Castle anyone? And wow, Flash Forward is my new fave!
  4. I started thinking about blog posts when I should have been thinking about my book.

That's right - I met that dreadful stage when blogging started taking over much of my writing time. Since I have so very little of it, I wanted to focus more on writing. I also started feeling stressed about blogging. Something I quickly realized was ridiculous since the only person putting the pressure on to blog was me.

So, I went cold turkey for a while. I didn't quite get my novel to where I want it (grrr...endings!) but I did feel the stress level go down.

Are you at (or over) the point where blogging takes up most of your writing time? What do you do to combat it?


Natalie said...

Um yes, but I'm in a weird transitional time now, so it's okay that blogging takes up a lot of time (if that makes sense). I will be taking a major break in November for NaNoWriMo.

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

I've been there. It's hard to balance everything in our lives. I actually *have* to blog as a point of my contract with my publisher, but it's pretty open-ended as to how often it needs to happen. Good for you, though, for knowing when to step away. :) Glad you're back!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I think taking a break is a smart thing to do. I am not in danger of blogging overwhelming all my time, thankfully and hopefully, because my job takes up most of my time!!

Lady Glamis said...

I'm over the point, thank goodness. But I've been there and it's frustrating. Glad you had the strength to stay away and figure things out! This is why I go on Unplug Week every third week of the month. It really helps me focus and get things in perspective. Nice to see you back!