Monday, April 27, 2009

Word Clouds...Not Just In My Mind

I did some blog surfing last week and landed on Ann Victor's blog. She had a post about Wordle. I decided to try it out using the first chapter of Illusions. Surprisingly, there weren't too many overused words other than names.

Wordle: Untitled

Sometimes we use words so often our eyes literally jump over them when we read (there- I'm using some of my college education after all). Wordle clouds will smack you in the face with your overused words so you can't skip over them.

Go try it and share where your Wordles are posted so I can check them out.


Tess said...

Ah! I wrote a post on this very topic and it will be on my blog tomorrow....great minds think alike :)

Tess said...

Ok, now that I checked it out I have to say it is not exactly the same topic. Very interesting, however! (and we still have great minds *smile*)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I love the word "just" and "something". My crit partners literally have to take a frypan to my head to make me stop repeating them in a chapter. LOL!

KLo said...

Wordle has been a very valuable tool in terms of my writing ... who knew you could use the word "through" too many times? : )

Sarah Jensen said...

I did this on ch two of my WIP
I use WANTED and AROUND a lot! wow.

Wonder why I'd need the word wanted in that ms so often? :)